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Orit Haviv

Orit Haviv

We meet Orit Haviv at her studio on hahashmal street, she welcomes us with a big smile and a hug; she’s a beautiful woman, humbling and charming. What a nice way to start. We first collaborated at design space gallery on an exhibition around architecture and graphic design, a multidisciplinary theme for a multidisciplinary woman. Orit doesn’t talk the talk, she goes straight to the subject; one can sense the need for control in her work – a continuous straight line in all it’s forms; black and white or color, on canvas or on paper, she’s not trying to be realistic, realism comes by itself.

Though a controller and a minimalist she couldn’t do what she does without being who she is. She likes to recreate her space in her self-made studio, to reposition her paintings, modify the location of things and even move the wall; it makes her rethink the space, look at her work from another perspective, she says it makes her see it differently and we believe her. She states that “light is the first issue of space”, coming in her studio one might not see the issue, it is so carefully planned.

She’s not trying to hide, and frankly it would be difficult behind those big glass windows, on the contrary, she invites anyone to enter and see how she sees the world, and what an interesting one! Her studio is full of small things she founds and buys around the world, even though her paintings are meticulous in their lack of details, her world is not.

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