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Founded in 2010, Design Space was established to encourage artistic innovation and provide a platform for progressive art in all medias.The Gallery is presenting various fields of art; ranging from product and industrial design, art exhibitions to diverse interdisciplinary projects such as artistic concepts for restaurants, showrooms and public spaces. (see cinema eden and other project Link).



After meeting a year ago, Emmy Shahar, who worked at Christie’s and Sotheby’s in the art market and Salome Fakiel, architect and space planner, have brought together projects as curators that encourage cross-disciplines within cutting edge design and allows for different modes of expression.
Our research is dedicated to artistic exploration, for both established and newly emerging talent, with a strong emphasize on process making. We choose to concentrate on contemporary design and encourage artists to explore the narrative and the use of unorthodox materials which explore the shifting borders between contemporary art and design. Design Space presents one-off commissions and limited-editions while promoting Israeli-based designers and developing the meaning of national identity through the use of materials and the relation with the social identity and rich culture.

Salome Fakiel / Emmy Shahar………………………………………………………Yael Engelhart for Haaretz



Consultancy: Communication strategy, design process, concept development
Curators : curation of exhibition of public/private spaces, collaborations with other galleries and companies and are always looking for more creative collaborations and interdisciplinary projects.
Design concept
We aim to develop artistic identity, by analysing the ideas and designs through concept development. Working with designers is key to develop its ideology all while working on framing to create a trendy and commercial product.


Emmy Shahar
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Salome Fakiel
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Open Call
We are looking for new promising artists and designers for our next projects - contact us on
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