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27 Nov 2011 | Categories: Exhibitions | Posted by: admin

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Participants : Alexandra Oxenoid / AN+ ( Avital Gourary & Natanel Elfassy ) /Block Magazine / Dudu Cohen / Orly Dahbash / Shir David / Tamar Eilat / Omri Even Ziv Samuelson /Sarit Evrani / Salome Fakiel / Kobi Franco / Ori Gur / Yotam Hadar / Orit Haviv / Inbal Lapidot / Michal Levy / Michal Meir / Arik Mergi / Moshik Nadav / Ayelet Raziel /Amit Sakal / Ziv Schneider / Odin Shadmi / Ohad Shalev / Roe Shani / Lisa Shocket /Roy Sturdy / Yadarada2 / Lior Yurfest / Gil Zablodovsky & Yaron Masot / Dana Zelig / Avital Pudinski
The relationship between image and space has become a significant focus – closely linked and irreversibly connected.

INTERPLAY highlights the works of 30 compelling contemporary Israeli artist, architects and graphic designers whose works explore the richness and complexity of both practices. The works will mix indistinctly, original pieces, special edition, films, and publications devoted to architecture and graphic design.
Those new works aim to re-examine the increasingly overlapping practices around a central urban theme. United by a shared impulse to explore the boundaries of the two disciplines and present the evident link by blending the different natures of collaboration. With a brut display, unpretentious, which will echo the assembly of the works.

It’s about documenting a subject more than simply exposing it.
It s about the pleasure of visiting an exhibition where the prism of graphic design and architecture is giving count of the diversity of the pragmatic approach and conceptuality, giving graphic answers to architectural problematic.


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